Download mQuest® for your mobile devices

mQuest for Apple iOS
Download mQuest® from Apple App Store for your iOS devices.

mQuest for Google Android
Download mQuest® from Google Play Store for your Google Android devices.


Datailed manual for questionnaire with QuestEditor and project administration.

Manuel Client
Detailed manual  for using the mQuest® survey app on the mobile device.

Establish and check connection to QuestServer with mQuest Client 
Quick guide to connection problems

Desktop application QuestEditor

Install QuestEditor (Windows)

Download QuestEditor for Windows
Extract the zip file into a temporary setup directory. Execute the setup.exe file from the temporary setup registry and follow further installation instructions.

Note: If an older version of mQuest® is installed, it must be uninstalled before the installation of the new mQuest® version.

Install QuestEditor (macOS)

Download QuestEditor for macOS
Extract the zip file into a temporary setup directory. Extract the zip file into any directory (recommended: Programs).

Until the QuestEditor for macOS is available through the official Apple App Store, please refer to the notes on this page when starting for the first time.


mQuest Demo Questionnaire
Includes digital questionnaires and forms as an editable .mqf file.

mQuest traffic Demo Questionnaire
Includes digital questionnaire specifically for traffic as an editable .mqf file (special QuestEditor version required). 

mQuest Client for Android
APK file for manuel installation on Android devices.


Sources / Support Request

A detailed description of mQuest® can be found in the section Manuals. As a first step, please try to answer your questions using these sources of information.

For further questions please contact our support team.

mQuest® customers receive free support for the installation and oparation of mQuest®. Please keep in mind that support on questionnaire programming is charged.

Support Contact

Our support team is at your disposal during normal business hours.

Our premium customers can contact us via phone: +49 721 83179-222. Please have your customer number ready.

Support on questionnaire programming

Support on questionnaire programming is charged. The prices can be found in your offer or the current price list, which we will gladly provide.

You will find comprehensive information with examples on questionnaire programming in our manual.

Hardware requirements

Requirements for mobile devices


  • Apple iOS from iOS version 10.0
  • Android from version 4.4

When using multimedia questions

  • Photo /Video function (photo / video in response to a question): Camera
  • Voice recorder (audio function): Microphone
  • Barcode or QR scanner: Good camera with autofocus. (Please test with specific devices and versions of Android, as there are occasional difficulties in detection)

Requirements for desktop application QuestEditor

  • 2 core processor, 2GHz
  • Main memory 2 GB
  • At least 1 GB free hard disk space
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Current internet browser

Requirements for operation with responsible QuestServer Hosting

On demand.

What to do before buying devices

If you plan to purchase equipment, we recommend the following procedure

  • Brief coordination with cluetec regarding the planned device.
  • Purchase a device for compatibility testing (complete scenario testing, including different data transmission paths, etc.). You are welcome to make this device available to us and we will do the compatibility test for you.
  • Check if the scheduled device supports all required fonts. The supported fonts depend on the manufacturer, model and the Android version. Please note that a later Android firmware update would be difficult or impossible.
  • After a positive compatibility test: Purchase of the other devices.

Procedure for the acquisition of mobile phone contracts

If you plan to purchase mobile phone contracts for data transmission, we recommend the following procedure

  • Purchase a mobile phone contract for compatibility testing (complete scenario testing, including transfer of multimedia files, etc.).
  • After a positive compatibility test: Acquisition of further mobile phone contracts.