Perform Car Clinics with mQuest®
highly secure and digitally.

Numerous market research institutes and industrial market researchers count on the mobile offline survey app mQuest®.

On the test bench – comfortably, efficiently and secure. Whether based on interviews or to fill them out by yourself – with the mQuest®-version "mQuest® Car Clinic", that has been specifically designed for static and dynamic Car Clinics, any prototype test can be performed effortless.

mQuest® Car Clinic is characterised by a high performance and a reliable handling of extremely extensive questionnaires. Additionally it complies very high security standards and has proven itself to be a steady companion for car clinics, over many years.

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Focus on what it comes down to – with the heat map-function.

Collect characteristic data intuitively and visually

Which areas of the vehicle do people like best, which ones not so much? Relevant areas of a photo or graphic can be highlighted intuitively. Those areas are then aggregated and depicted as a Heatmap in the evaluation.

Swiss army knife

Extensive digital questionnaires.

The right question for any answer

Thanks to native performance, chapters, subchapters and loops, the questionnaire can constantly be handled reliably. With automated rotation, drag & drop questions or trendy heat maps the range of functions leaves nothing to be desired.

Results digital and central.

QuestReport – the online reporting tool for mQuest®

The online reporting tool QuestReport provides extensive export functions and a centralised evaluation of all digitally measured results – browser based and in real time. Thus the customer will find out during the survey, how customers experience the new model.


Runs like a charm.

Performance on the highest level

Once the digital questionnaires for the survey are downloaded, no further transmission of data is required for the execution with mQuest®. Without annoying loading times and thanks to the native performance of the app, a smooth performance during the survey is guaranteed – even with very extensive questionnaires.

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Intuitive handling.

Proven to be easy, instead of unnecessary complications

Because of the million times proven and intuitive handling of mQuest®, the digital execution of surveys has never been so easy. The operation is self-explanatory and supersede the elaborate instructions of test persons.

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