Mobile offline acquisition of
fair leads with mQuest® Lead.

Bull's eye – collect and process fair leads purposeful. With mQuest® Lead the automated mobile collection of leads on Smartphones or tablets and the corresponding follow-up can be realised easily.

All data from customers or interested parties can be collected directly and with special specifications. At the same time the lead process is triggered, which shortens reaction times to a minimum and the customer satisfactions rises sustainably.

Already during the fair follow ups, like a thank you note for the fair visit, shipping of information material, initiation or atomisation of individual offers and appointments for the lead, are triggered. The data from the mQuest® Lead statistic visualise success immediately and help to plan future fair visits more efficiently.

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Automated lead management.

Capture, distribute and trigger follow-up processes.

With the mobile survey software mQuest®, all data that has been collected at the fair is synchronised with the back office. Follow-ups are automatically triggered, already during the fair.

Mobile offline data collection.

No network connection? No problem!

mQuest® is fully deployable even without internet connection. Via digital forms all relevant data is saved securely on a tablet or smartphone and can – with an existing internet connection – be synchronised with the database. Digitalised POS-surveys can therefore even be realised in supermarkets or shopping centers with a bad internet connection.

Integrated smartly.

Fits like a glove.

Thanks to open interfaces, mQuest® can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems, as a module. Therefore the mobile lead management steadily establishes as a stable component of your workflow.

Switch it on and start.

No worries, because of ready-for-use rental devices.

Our experts generate your digital questionnaires and forms, adjusted to your individual specifications and bring these directly onto the mobile rental devices. Simply switch them on and start surveying.

Typewriting was yesterday.

Digitise business cards conveniently as a result of integrated OCR.

On request mQuest® can be extended by an automatic text recognition (OCR). Photographed business cards are digitised in no time at all. Important contact details are available to the back office even faster.

For Apple iOS and Android.

Native performance for maximum reliability.

The mobile app mQuest® is made for iOS and Android, in particular – more than 90 % of all smartphones and tablets. Therefore the mobile Lead management runs smoothly and without disruptions.

Technology at trade fairs must be very reliable, fast and intuitive to operate, with data security being the top priority. mQuest® meets our requirements 100% and guarantees an efficient, digitised lead process.
Christoph Pavel, Senior Consultant at Global Marketing Services of Siemens AG

Simply know more.

Complete collection of all relevant data.

With individual, digital lead forms, all relevant data is collected according to customer specific requirements. Not only contact data, but also offer parameters and a precise composition of desired information material.

A tailored app.

We develop, as you wish!

The cluetec development team designs questionnaires according to customer specific requirements that deviate standards, upon request. This can be all kinds of requests – from the branding of the app, up to special functions.

The early bird…

…catches the customer.

All digitally collected data is synchronised with the back office at the touch of a button. Valuable customer data are immediately available. A real advance for any sales team.